L. Belén Espejo Villar

L. Belén Espejo Villar

Associate Professor

Associate Professor of Education Policy in the Department of Theory and History of Education at the Faculty of Education at Salamanca University.

She currently holds the position of member and deputy secretary at the Spanish Comparative Education Society (SEEC). She sits on the editorial board of the SEEC’s journal Revista Española de Educación Comparada [Spanish Journal of Comparative Education] (REEC). She has management experience in the Department of Theory and History of Education. She coordinates the degree course in Pedagogy.

Her lines of research involve public policies and educational reforms, with a particular focus on the study of market transfers and new management models in socio-educational policies.

Her teaching specialities are as follows: Education policy and economics, Socio-educational policies, Governance and experimentation in matters of education reform, and the employment side of pedagogy.