Lines of Research

Modes of knowledge and action in education.

Primary training processes.

Contexts, mechanisms of constructing human experience.

Values and limits of education, dominant and emerging discourses.

Social neuroscience of education.

Training processes in virtual environments. Gerontechnology and Blended Learning.

Trends in public policies and governance structures in complex socio-educational systems

Education reforms in glocal contexts. Discourses and stakeholders.

Institutional and regulatory transfers within a framework of educational micro-policy. Analysis of governance discourses and standards.

Research into education in social contexts related to vulnerability, social exclusion and the alienation of social and/or age groups such as minors, women, migrants, the elderly, etc.

Socio-educational promotion and development of individuals and communities, with a particular focus of social education at school.

Research into diversity issues and social change in contexts of technological and cultural change.

Analysis of collective memory and identification practices.

Projective techniques in socio-educational intervention involving social, territorial and technological inequalities.

Historical-educational heritage, pedagogical museum science, and socio-material studies in education.

Demography, disability and inclusion in education.

Curricular sustainability in Higher Education.

Local and community action projects for Sustainable Development.

Thinking and action in environmental education, traditional and emerging settings. Environmental education in school and social settings.

Research in education with and in communal school allotments.

Teaching the natural and social environment.